Orientation Plan of the Excavation Site
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  The First Temple Period

  1. The Water Gate
  2. The Projecting Tower
  3. The Royal Building
  4. The Western Ophel Wall
  5. The Burial Ground

  The Persian, Hellenistic and Hasmonean Periods

  1. The Edge of the Seleucid Akra
  2. The Hasmonean Wall
  3. A Large Hasmonean Building

  The Herodian Period

  1. The Walls of the Temple Mount
  2. The Royal Stoa
  3. Robinson‘s Arch
  4. The Herodian Street along the Western Wall
  5. The Shops along the Herodian Wall
  6. The Post for the Priest Announcing the Sabbath
  7. Warren‘s Shaft
  8. A Herodian Ritual Bath (Miqveh)
  9. The Herodian Street along the Southern Wall
  10. Rock-Cut Channel
  11. The Stairs in Front of the Double Gate (the Western Huldah Gate)
  12. The Double Gate (the Western Huldah Gate)
  13. The Triple Gate (the Eastern Huldah Gate)
  14. The Courthouse at the Entrance to the Temple Mount
  15. The Herodian Period eastern Wall
  16. A Large Ritual Bath (Miqveh)

  The Roman Period

  1. The Valley Cardo (Cardo Valensis)
  2. The Wall of the Tenth Legion Camp
  3. The Bakery
  4. The Large Bath-House

  The Byzantine Period

  1. The Inscription on the Western Wall
  2. The Residential Dwellings
  3. An Ancient Cave
  4. The Monastery of the Virgins
  5. The Winery
  6. The Alley of Shops
  7. The Pilgrims‘ Hospice
  8. The Ophel Wall and Towers
  9. An Early Byzantine Structure
  10. The Peristyle House

  The Pre-Umayyad, Umayyad and Abbasid Periods

  1. The Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter
  2. The Foundations of the Umayyad Structures—Subterranean Vaults
  3. The Foundations of the Umayyad Structures—Wooden Construction Molds and Fills
  4. The Public Building Adjacent to the Palace (Building III)
  5. The Umayyad Palace (Building II)
  6. The Double Gate
  7. The Single Gate and Solomon‘s Stables

  The Fatimid, Crusader, Ayyubid and Mamluke Periods

  1. The Fortification in the South of the City and the Double Gate
  2. The Gate of the Tannery
  3. The Tower of the Templars

  The Ottoman Period

  1. Suleiman‘s Walls
  2. The Dung Gate